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Big Boy Toys

Whoever said that toys are just for kids probably hasn't heard anything about big boy toys. Big boy toys are the playthings especially made for males who have surpassed their childhood days. Big boy toys are more than playthings. They are collectible items that big boys purchase to either satisfy their hobby or to make some profit. Big boy toys, like other collectibles, also tend to increase in value as they age. Some of the most popular examples of big boy toys are radio-controlled cars and action figures.

Big boy toys: radio-controlled cars

Radio-controlled cars (R/C cars) are model car-types of big boy toys that are powered and controlled by a radio control system. R/C cars are classified into two distinct groups: the toy grade and the hobby grade. The toy grade is the collection of pre-assembled R/C cars especially made for young boys who like to play with cars. The hobby grade collection, as its name suggests, refers to the type of R/C cars especially made for R/C car hobbyists. R/C cars of the hobby grade variety are miniature models of actual vehicles requiring regular maintenance to run perfectly. Some hobbyists even use their R/C cars to join amateur R/C car racing tournaments.

Big boy toys: action figures

Besides radio-controlled cars, action figures are also some of the most popular big boy toys today. Action figures are doll-like toys based upon a specific fictional character, mostly a superhero. Notable examples of this type of big boy toys are Star Wars characters, comic superheroes, G.I. Joe soldiers, and anime heroes. Action figures, depending on their condition and rareness, can be re-sold to other collectors for much higher prices. Most collectors keep their action figures in their respective product boxes to preserve their original colours and features, as brand new-looking action figures are sold at much higher prices than slightly-used ones.

Because they accumulate in value as they age, big boy toys are considered by many as good forms of investment. Some collectors actually buy big boy toys with the intention of reselling them for a much higher price after a couple of years.

Big boy toys: where to find them

Most big boy toys are available in toy stores, variety stores, and community auctions. Because of the sudden popularity of e-commerce, collectors may also find different varieties of big boy toys in online retail stores and auction sites